About Telescope

ADP TSS-ADP-210510

Since early 2000 we have supported our clients on a vast number of projects, all over the world. Our consultant pool consists of Swedish and non-Swedish consultants within the fields of embedded systems, telecom, automotive, online solutions and application development.

We are now looking for a passionate and strong ADP

Fundamental Requirements:

  • Programming skills in Golang, Java and Python
  • Perform Trouble Shooting and support your team’s deployment pipelines, but also many different products
  • Experience in model-driven development for configuration protocol
  • Containers and Virtualization knowledge (Kubernetes, Docker, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), Vmware, Helm, etc.)
  • A good technical understanding of the concept of Delivery/Deployment Pipeline
  • Knowledge in Microservices

Please send your CV in English to [email protected] with reference


Competence beyond borders

Patrick Hiller, Chief Executive Officer