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Android developer for Sony

Today we’re introducing you to another valuable addition to our team, Omid Faraji from Iran, who will be working for Sony in Lund as an Android software developer.

Since he was a teenager, Omid was fascinated with emerging technologies. He was a mere thirteen-year-old when he got his first summer job in order to earn money for a game console. When he enrolled in the University of Applied Science and Technology, his very first lecture was about programming. It sparked his interest and motivated him to practice coding for up to twenty hours a day!

Now, Omid is an expert Android developer. He was the architect and developer of one of the biggest app stores in Iran (IranApps) and one of the biggest fintech companies (Kian Digital).

When it came to continuing his career in the EU, Omid had a trilemma about whether to move to Sweden, Germany, or the Netherlands. He chose Sweden because it offers numerous social benefits, especially free high-quality education for his child, from kindergarten to university.

He currently lives in Malmo, the third-largest city in Sweden. His favorite thing about Malmo is that it’s clean and lively. Also, everybody speaks English, even older people!

In his free time, Omid likes exercising and running, which helps him reduce stress. He has been practicing martial arts for twelve years.

Welcome to Sweden, Omid!

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