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C++ Developer for Ericsson

We’re delighted to present to you our new consultant, Emre Aslan, who works for Telescope as a C++ Developer at Ericsson, Göteborg.

As a young, creative man with an active imagination, he found himself enjoying web customization immensely. The same feeling of fun and excitement that he felt back then when creating something new, has been following him throughout his career as a software engineer. His job feels more like a hobby to him. Every day, he looks forward to exchanging and combining ideas with his coworkers.

Emre and his wife Burcu are currently expecting a baby girl. This was one of the reasons why he made a life-changing decision and moved to Sweden – he wanted to secure a better future for his child. What he likes about Göteborg is that it’s a smaller and less crowded city but with all the advantages of a big city – there are lots of things to do and experience.

Emre’s favorite thing about Swedish culture is “fika”, a Swedish version of a coffee break when he gets to relax and socialize with his colleagues. His wife loves baking delicious Turkish cookies for him to share with fellow engineers while enjoying their coffee!

Welcome to Sweden, Emre!

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