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C++ Embedded Software Developer for Bosch

Telescope Services is thrilled to welcome yet another highly qualified engineer in our team! Hieu Tran Dang recently began his assignment as a C++ Embedded Software Developer in Bosch, Lund.

Hieu is a Senior Software Architect with approximately ten years of experience in C/C++ software programming. He is extremely knowledgeable about embedded software, the software requirements of the automotive domain, and the Linux operating system using the POSIX standard. Before joining Telescope Services, Hieu gained increased his proficiency while working in Finland for six years, and in Japan for eighteen months.

Congratulations on joining our team, Hieu!

Telescope Services is growing rapidly, and thus we are looking for additional Embedded Software Engineers. Do not hesitate to send your resume to [email protected], if you are ready for new and exciting challenges.

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