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Control System Integrator for ESS

Please welcome a new valuable asset of the Telescope team, George Kontogiorgos from Brazil, who is currently working for ESS in Lund as a control system integrator.

Childlike curiosity was one of the big drivers of his career in electrical engineering. When he was younger, George enjoyed disassembling things in order to explore the inner workings of everyday items. He would find interesting pieces in a junkyard and use them for DIY projects. And now, with his substantial knowledge and skills, he is able to contribute to a better future for mankind by participating in ESS projects.

What impresses him about Lund, and Sweden in general, is a mixture between the modern and the traditional, the contemporary and the historic. Lund is a charming town full of splendid old architecture, but it also has a long tradition of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

In his free time, he enjoys swimming as a fun way to challenge and motivate himself. He still likes experimenting with DIY electronics projects, as well as learning to play the guitar.

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