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Cyber Security in TSS

Join us in welcoming George Mutune, a cyber security insurance expert from Kenya who has recently joined Telescope to support our client Alfa Laval in Stockholm.

George wanted to move to Sweden to experience working in a diverse international team, which brings immeasurable knowledge and hands-on experience. Now he has the opportunity to interact with various technologies and control systems that he has not encountered before. For example, he’s currently handling cybersecurity assurance for different control systems running in a ship, which has been an exciting challenge and a fantastic learning opportunity.

Not only is George thriving professionally, but he’s also enjoying the beautiful city of Stockholm. As an avid walker, he loves exploring the city’s many walking paths and being close to nature, water, and islands. Plus, with an efficient public transport system, he doesn’t even need a car!

George’s favorite part of the city is Gamla Stan, Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval city center. On Sundays, he likes visiting beautiful churches for peace and a sense of community. And when he’s not enjoying the city’s many offerings, he’s hitting tennis courts with his colleagues and planning to take up skiing as there is a lot of snow in the north of Sweden during winter.

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