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CyberSecurity Engineer for Volvo Trucks

Join us in greeting our new colleague Yislennier Molina, a newcomer to the Telescope team and a Cyber Security Engineer for our customer, Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg.

When he was twelve years old, his father took him to his friend’s place. It turned out that the friend was a pretty skillful engineer – he showed little Yislennier how to make a wireless microphone from only a few components. Yislennier was in absolute awe – and this is how his passion for technology and engineering came into being! He continued to assist his dad’s friend throughout his teen teenage years.

Sweden was his choice due to the high quality of life of its citizens and many chances for self-improvement and professional development. Currently, he lives with his family in Gothenburg in a beautiful neighborhood that seems like it’s situated in the middle of the countryside, but it’s mere twenty minutes away from the city center. Yislennier thinks that Swedes are very kind, friendly, and knowledgeable – his neighbors and colleagues are especially welcoming.

When he’s not working, he’s dedicated to his hobby – he likes making and fixing guitars, and of course, playing them! Yislennier also plays the ukelele and plans to learn how to play the piano in the future.

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