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DevOps Engineer in TSS

We would like to welcome John Edison Moreno Marin, a DevOps engineer from Colombia, supporting our client Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg.

John and his wife wanted to fulfill their desire for adventure, challenge, and novelty by experiencing the life and culture of a new city. So, in a search for better life quality, John applied to different jobs in Europe and received three offers. Upon talking to their friends who lived in Sweden, they decided to move there, mainly due to high levels of socio-economic security.

Well, they’ve made the right choice and are thankful for the opportunity to live, work and study in Gothenburg! It takes John only twenty minutes to reach his workplace, while it took him close to two hours to do that in Colombia. Now, he can dedicate way more time to activities that contribute to his life and not waste it on commuting!

John’s work life has also become more exciting since he started working for Volvo Trucks. Before, he had only maintained systems, but now he can participate in building projects from scratch and contribute ideas. In addition, John’s wife is attending Swedish for Immigrants (SFI), a free government-provided language course for newcomers to Sweden, and is planning to start working soon.

They met new friends from Mexico, so on weekends, they enjoy hiking, having lunches together, and going to a rehearsal room to listen to their friends’ jam. This summer, they plan to attend Swedish Rock Festival, which brings genre legends to Sölvesborg.

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