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DevOps Telescoper for TetraPak

Join us in welcoming our new colleague, Rodrigo Nascimento de Souza, who has recently started working for Telescope as a senior DevOps engineer.

Rodrigo and his wife are passionate travelers who have visited many fascinating places all over Europe. This was one of the reasons why they decided to settle in Sweden – the European way of life and values appealed to them.

They originally come from São Paolo, a city with a population of over ten million – that’s more than the population of the whole of Sweden! So moving to Lund, a small historical town, was a welcomed change from São Paulo’s hustle and bustle.

Rodrigo appreciates Swedes’ relaxed attitude toward life and work – there is no pressure and unnecessary stress. And most importantly – there is no overtime! The standard working week in Sweden will not exceed 40 hours, so there’s plenty of time to dedicate to charging one’s batteries and having fun!

During weekends, Rodrigo likes engaging in sporting activities with his wife, such as going to the gym, swimming, and bike riding. Recently he enjoyed a long scenic ride of 60 kilometers through Malmo and its surroundings.

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