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Electrical Designer for ESS

The Telescope family keeps getting bigger! We’re excited to welcome Yaser Takzare from Tehran, Iran, who now works as an Electrical Designer for the ESS in Lund. He specializes in Dynamic Traction Simulation for Railway Projects. He has previous project experience as an Electrical Engineer in power plants, oil and gas, petrochemical, and rail industries.  Also, he specializes in detailed design, design review, vendor evaluation and audit, and inspection.

What he likes about his job is teamwork in an international team  – collaboration with his colleagues increases creativity and facilitates learning opportunities. Before he moved to Sweden, he had thought that Swedes were cold and unapproachable. But now, he has totally changed his opinion! Everyone in his team is so friendly, helpful, and respectful. There is equality and diversity in the workplace.
He decided to join Telescope on the advice of a friend who had already moved to Sweden before him. What drew him to Sweden was the country’s dedication to scientific and technological research and innovation.
He likes living in Lund as it’s a peaceful university city with no heavy traffic. It just seems like a perfect place to raise a family!

He loves spending free time with his wife and two children. These days, they’re having fun learning Swedish together!


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