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Electrical Designer in TSS

Our Telescope family is growing stronger with the addition of a new member, Mehmet Murat Çetin from Turkey, who is currently engaged in Ericsson’s project as an electrical designer in Lund.

Mehmet appreciates his stress-free working environment. All the employers and managers are very respectful of people’s free time and private lives. Sweden is actually one of the few countries in Europe where work-life balance is achievable, so Mehmet has plenty of chances to spend quality time with his wife and pursue outdoor hobbies.

One of the reasons for wanting to move was his love of nature and environmentalism. In Sweden, where 70 percent of the country is covered with forests, nature is always easy to reach. Mehmet is already feeling all the amazing benefits of being surrounded by greenery and fresh air! He and his wife have recently visited the stunningly beautiful Söderåsens national park.

Despite Lund’s size, this charming town offers everything one needs for a comfortable life…and more! Due to the excellent cycling infrastructure, Mehmet and his wife decided to ditch their car and buy bicycles to move in a more efficient way.

Welcome to Sweden, Mehmet!

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