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Embedded Developer for Ericsson

Once again the end of the week has brought with it some excellent news for Telescope Services AB, as we continue to expand our international family of software development specialists. Our newest family member, Anton Antal, has just begun his assignment at Ericsson as an Embedded Developer – Telecom.

Anton is a Software Engineer with broad experience with the development of programs in telecommunications, embedded systems, Matlab, RTOS, DSP algorithms, C and TCL. Before joining Telescope, he worked at NXP Semiconductors (Romania), where he was responsible for the design of LTE, HSPA and W-CDMA Physical Layer features specified in the 3GPP standards and the integration and scheduling of SW DSP modules.

We’re delighted to add Anton’s extensive skill sets to our growing repertoire of international expertise. Anton, you are truly a welcome member of the Telescope family.

Our family and the number of countries represented within it is growing rapidly, but we have room for more members. Thus we continue to search for highly skilled engineers with extensive software development experience who might be interested in utilizing their skills in challenging environments in Sweden. If you have appropriate qualifications, please, send your resume to [email protected].

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