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Embedded Engineer in TSS

We want to extend our warmest welcome to Omid Sayedian from Iran, an embedded engineer who supports our client, Akasol, in Gothenburg.

Omid says that living in Gothenburg has been a blissful experience so far. Compared to Teheran, it’s much less crowded, noisy, and polluted – it’s a pleasant and peaceful environment for a family to enjoy.

Another stark difference is a work-life balance. In Iran, Omid had to be present at a site as early as seven o’clock and work for ten hours every day, so he was finding it difficult to balance his career with personal and family life. In Sweden, respecting people’s free time is of utmost importance – happy and healthy employees are known to be the most productive!

Sweden was Omid’s first choice for relocation as he wanted to propel his career in the most optimal way. Engineers who live and work here have access to various current technological advancements in the automotive industry, and Gothenburg, especially, is an absolute innovation powerhouse! He enjoys his current job as it demands creative, imaginative, and logical thinking. It’s never dull or repetitive – each day brings a new challenge.

When he’s not working, Omid enjoys woodworking, which he finds therapeutic, as well as exercising and playing video games.

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