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Embedded Developer for Robert Bosch

Summer is once again here: the flowers are blooming; the grass is growing and so is the international team of Telescope Services’ AB professionals. Yet another highly-skilled engineer recently joined the Telescope family, as Bruno Henrique Viecelli, recently began a challenging assignment at Robert Bosch AB as an Embedded Software Developer.

Bruno, who is from Brazil, is a highly-experienced Embedded Systems Developer and has spent six years in the software industry, focusing on the low level and embedded development using Embedded C, C++, Python, FreeRTOS, Linux. He has also worked extensively with solid ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4, and his career includes experience working with sensors, SPI, I2C, Bluetooth and ZigBee. Previously, Bruno held a position as an Embedded Systems Engineer at Alta Rail Technology (Brazil) while working with embedded software solutions for railway and locomotive applications.

Telescope Services AB welcomes you to our ever-growing family Bruno. We are delighted to include your extensive skill sets within our roster of expanding corporate capabilities.

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