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New Android developer joins us

We’re excited to have Juan Sebastián Gómez Torres join Telescope as an Android developer to support our client, Volvo Trucks.

He enjoys his job a lot, as it allows him to be innovative and think outside the box. Besides thinking about the internal technical stuff and solving problems, he likes engaging with clients and visualizing product usage in the future.

Juan read things about Sweden before moving there, namely that the weather was cold and the Swedes seemed to be an introverted bunch. But soon after moving, he found that not to be the case! The summer weather is quite similar to the one in Bogota, Colombia, and the people are welcoming, always open and ready to talk, and most importantly – they laugh a lot! Another thing he likes about Sweden is that it’s a stable, peaceful society offering equal opportunities for everyone.

When he’s not working, Juan spends his time playing table tennis and basketball, as well as making music and playing the guitar.

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