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We are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest addition to the Telescope team, Yoswat Suntonarom, a data engineer from Thailand.

Yoswat’s primary motivation for relocation was the fact that Sweden had been repeatedly ranked as one of the leading technology hubs — the so-called Silicon Valley of Europe! He’s looking forward to gaining new knowledge and broadening his intellectual horizons. As a data engineer, he possesses great curiosity — he likes learning about human behavior and diving deep into complex systems and problems.

Yoswat was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and friendly reception from his new colleagues. He enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of the workplace and having chats with his teammates about fun non-work topics. 

So far, he’s been very satisfied with the quality of life, clean environment and crisp air, and tasty organic food. He’s especially impressed by the Swedish driving habits — road safety is of utmost priority!

In his free time, Yoswat likes reading books of different genres, especially those about science and philosophy, as well as mangas. He plans to spend more time visiting tourist attractions around the country.

Welcome to Sweden, Yoswat!

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