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Salesforce Developer for Spotify

Our international Telescope Services’ family is growing rapidly, and we would like to welcome our newest member, Guilherme Nascimento, a highly skilled engineer, who recently began a challenging assignment as a Salesforce Developer at Spotify AB.

Guilherme has six years of experience in Apex programming and Visualforce, four years of experience in Salesforce Lightning and three years of experience in Javascript. Previously, at VIVO Telefônica (Brazil), he was responsible for developing and managing Salesforce throughout Latin America, a position with multiple responsibilities including: managing the deployments of new features by partners; training users in the effective utilization of new features; aligning business processes, and designing and implementing new solutions, using Salesforce Apex.

Congratulations on this new and exciting opportunity, Guilherme! We are confident that you will find it rewarding and fulfilling.

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