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Senior System Engineer for Volvo

We’re pleased to announce that Raul Camacho moved from the USA to join us as a senior system engineer for Telescope supporting our client, Volvo in Lund.

Raul grew up in Ciudad Juárez in northern Mexico. He has always enjoyed solving problems and fixing things, whether it was his childhood bike or a computer. His parents wanted him to become a baseball player, but his love of science and technology led him to a different path – he became a software engineer. He eventually focused on software engineering within the automotive industry, particularly working for Continental Automotive within connectivity and telematics.

His career offered him plenty of opportunities to travel around the world. He lived and worked in America for a while, but in search of a new challenge, better working conditions, and work/life balance, he decided to try his luck in Sweden. So, nowadays, Raul enjoys his new life in Lund, reveling in its peaceful and quiet atmosphere that suits his introverted nature perfectly.
His hobbies include traveling, exploring new cultures, hiking, and cheering on his favorite Formula One drivers.
Welcome to Sweden, Raul!

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