Our Services

Telescope is based in Lund, Sweden, and has long experience from delivering consultant services and customer adapted software solutions within a wide range of business segments.

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    Thanks to our well elaborated recruitment network we also have the opportunity to offer direct recruitment and head hunting services. We handle the entire process, including analysis and formalization of the requirements, candidate search, interviews, tests and reference checks. For abroad candidates we also provide relocation and expat services.

    • Access to our candidate network
    • Complete recruitment service
    • Global search
    • Relocation and expat services
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    Our senior staff in Sweden, Ukraine, Kenya and the Philippines consists of project managers, architects, software engineers and quality assurance engineers, all with several years of hands-on experience in relevant fields of technology. We will help You to set up Your own dedicated development team that covers the entire project cycle from analysis and design, through implementation, to quality assurance and operation.

    • Local project interface
    • Experienced project team
    • Cost efficient project setup
    • Predictable outcome
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    All Telescope’s QA activities are performed by our local team in Davao, Philippines. We primarily use Agile Testing Methodology, an essential partner for our Agile development process. The time difference between SE Asia and Europe allows test and verification being performed after the European working hours, having the project to run “24/7”.

    • Agile methodology
    • Continuous project progress
    • Fast ramp up / ramp down
    • Cost efficient project setup
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    We provide business process outsourcing services and back office support services to enable our clients to focus on the core areas of their business. We extend these services so as to be a one stop service provider and partner to our client for all their needs and requirements.

    • Focus on Your core business
    • Business Process Outsourcing
    • Back Office
    • One stop service provider
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    Content Moderation

    We offer 24 hour moderation service and full coverage of the process from analysis of the requirement for moderation guidelines (guidelines, restricted patterns, actions policies, etc) to selection of moderation tool and implementation of the defined moderation rules. All our moderation is performed by our local team in Davao, Philippines.

    • 24 hour moderation
    • Cost efficient service setup
    • Fast ramp up / ramp down
    • Process support

Competence beyond borders

Patrick Hiller, Chief Executive Officer