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Software Developer for BorgWarner

The Telescope Services AB team of software engineers and IT specialists includes professionals from nineteen countries and three continents. Team members now working productively in Sweden hail from Africa, from Asia, from the Middle East, and from Europe: professional personnel from 19 countries representing the highest levels of professional proficiency from around the world, thus offering the company’s clients the best skill sets that the world has to offer. Telescope literally scours the globe to bring the highest levels of development expertise to its clients in Sweden.

Our international community of professionals has recently been expanded by the inclusion of Tai Vo, another highly-skilled engineer from Vietnam. Tai recently began a demanding and fulfilling assignment at BorgWarner as a Software Developer.

Tai Vo is a Software Engineer with more than five years of experience in all phases of the automotive software development cycle including software requirements construction, architecture design, module design, coding, and unit and integration testing. He is highly-skilled in virtually all facets of vehicle network technology including CAN and LIN, A-SPICE, and the functional safety of software congruent with ISO 26262 standard. Previously, Tai worked as a Technical Lead at Hella, where he led and coordinated the technical team for the development of PEPS with a variety of clients.

The skills that Tai brings to Telescope Services, are a welcome addition to our diverse and growing array of talent and expertise. Welcome aboard, Tai!

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