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Software Developer for BorgWarner

Telescope Services’ international family of skilled software engineers continues to expand rapidly, enhancing our ability to assist an ever-broadening range of companies in Sweden. We are delighted to welcome still another highly trained professional engineer — this time from Vietnam — Khoi Dinh Phan, into our midst. Khoi recently began his challenging assignment as a Software Developer at BorgWarner AB, one of Sweden’s most advanced automotive engineering companies.

Khoi Dinh Phan is a Senior Software Developer with more than 11 years of experience in the development of automotive embedded systems. He is extraordinarily proficient in C programming and has substantial work experience with IAR embedded workbench, CAN, Eclipse, STM32, and GPRS. His prior work experience includes stints in both India and China.

Khoi, it’s our pleasure to welcome you into the Telescope family.

As our roster of client companies keeps expanding rapidly, so does our commitment to finding and hiring the most highly-skilled software developers that the world has to offer. If you or people you know have extensive professional software development backgrounds, we encourage you to send your resume to [email protected]. We may be able to offer you the opportunity to broaden your personal and professional horizons in a multi-cultural, cutting edge environment.

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