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cagdas_elcan - C11opy
Software Engineer for Axis Communications AB

Congratulations to our new employee Çağdaş Elcan, on his assignment at Axis Communications AB as a Software Engineer for the company’s firmware systems.

Çağdaş is a Senior Embedded Software Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in BSP development, including experience in Linux, hardware and software development of embedded systems, and knowledge of SoC architectures and on-chip components. Before joining Telescope Services, Çağdaş was involved in designing hardware and software for base stations.

Welcome aboard, Çağdaş!

Telescope is growing rapidly and thus we are looking for more Software Engineers with expertise in the Automotive industry. If you want to join our team and become part of our expanding international family, don’t hesitate to send your resume to [email protected]

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