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Software Engineer for Sony

We’d like to welcome our newest member of the team, Nhat Vu Bach from Vietnam, who has started working for Sony as a software engineer in Lund three weeks ago.

Nhat’s childhood days were carefree and joyous. He grew up in a small Vietnamese village by the coast, where his favorite pastime was playing around beautiful rice fields. In search of better opportunities, as a young man, he moved to Hanoi to study Electronics and Communications.

Nhat chose software engineering as a career path because it’s dynamic and exciting – there is always something new to learn. He has over five years of experience in developing  Android software in both Java and Kotlin programming languages.

His decision to move to Sweden was motivated by a wish to broaden his horizons, explore new countries and expand his professional expertise. His favorite thing about Sweden thus far is that it’s not crowded, unlike big Vietnamese cities. He also enjoys clean, fresh air without pollution.

When he’s not working, Nhat likes going sightseeing. He plans to pick up his fishing rod soon and try his luck in one of the many rivers and lakes of Sweden.

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