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Software Tester in TSS

We’d like to welcome aboard Eduardo Perez from Mexico, who has recently joined Telescope as a software tester for Akasol.

Eduardo got interested in technology as a high schooler. He remembers taking a basic computer science course and being fascinated with this strange device called a computer. It was a simple rudimentary computer with limited powers, but Eduardo was amazed at how he could type in simple commands and codes and make interesting things happen.

Now, a couple of decades later, he gets to do the job that still fascinates and inspires him in one of his favorite countries. He fell in love with Sweden when he visited it for the first time nine years ago  — the culture, people, and clean environment thoroughly impressed him! Swedish people are friendly, nice, and forthcoming, even to total strangers — Eduardo was convinced of their kindness many times. For example, rehearsal room owners were very accommodating when he was renting the space to practice drums.

His favorite thing about the Swedish work culture is fika  — a specific time each day dedicated to relaxation, having a cup of coffee with coworkers, and chatting about personal lives and interests. These breaks are good to rewind one’s mind, reduce stress levels, and increase team productivity.

His indoor hobbies are playing video games and cooking, while he likes to jog and hike when the Swedish weather allows it.

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