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Telecommunication Engineer in TSS

Today we welcome Tiago Marins, a telecommunication engineer from Brazil currently engaged in Ericsson’s project in Lund.

Tiago finds Lund beautiful as many houses and buildings still preserve medieval architecture. The old town is centered on its stunningly beautiful cathedral. It’s a perfect place to travel back in time while still enjoying all the advantages of a modern, lively city.

Lund is the cradle of entrepreneurship and innovation in southern Sweden, making it the perfect place for tech companies like Ericsson and Sony to develop their products. This is why Tiago decided to move there  –  the possibility of working with cutting-edge technology is always rewarding. Telescope turned Tiago’s wish into reality, as he now lives in a wonderful country and works for a huge company that is a world reference for telecommunication equipment.

Telecommunication engineering has always piqued his curiosity. The first electronic technical school in Latin America was founded in his native city, Santa Rita do Sapucaí, as well as the telecommunication university INATEL. Being able to study what he liked in the city where he grew up made his career choice easier.

His passion for telecommunications awakened his interest in continuing his studies and obtaining MSc and Ph.D. degrees in this field. In addition to working as a development engineer, he had the opportunity to teach graduate and post-graduate courses.

When he’s not working, Tiago enjoys riding a motorcycle and spending time outside with his family. Lund has so much greenery, and most schools stay open after classes for people to visit common areas such as parks and playgrounds.

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