Evalyne Muhia

Full Stack Java Developer at Ericsson



...simply because we see no benefits in implementing borders for knowledge. We focus the CV and work merits of our applicants, and not where he or she happened to be born. This has given us the opportunity to bring specialists from all over the world to Sweden, for soon two decades. Our customers range from large multinational corporations in need for fast ramp up, to small startups looking for niched and hard to find specialists, enabling rapid technological growth.

Over the years we have built a strong network, especially in Eastern Europe and Eastern Africa, that today forms the backbone in our own recruitment process. Our consultant pool consists of Swedish and non Swedish consultants within the fields of telecom, mobile, embedded systems, application development, online solutions, finance systems, transaction systems, infrastructure, IT security, quality assurance, graphics development and project management.

By utilizing differences in market potential and by having an established and efficient logistics process in place, we offer senior consultants and strong talents from our multinational consultant pool at very competitive prices.

Our offer also comprises consultant services in the form of dedicated off-shore teams for our clients in Sweden where Telescope find, recruit and setup complete teams according to clients’ specifications and configuration. Thanks to our well elaborated recruitment network we also have the opportunity to offer recruitment and head hunting services for our valued customers. We bring the specialists You need, just give us a call.


Just over 20% of the developers in Swedish companies, are females. For most companies it is simply impossible to find female technology specialist and many feel a need to turn to recruitment from other parts of the world, in order to create teams with a balanced mix of men and women. FemTech is our project for finding and promoting female technology specialist, from all over the world. Since the start of FemTech in 2014, we have relocated several highly skilled female energiers to Swedish customers, both as consultants and as employees in our dynamic "contract to hire"-program. Telescope has an increasing pool of skilled female developers and technology specialists, and takes great pride in addressing the deficit of female professionals in the technology sector, through a range of dynamic initiatives. Please contact our FemTech sales representative if You need our help!


Competence beyond borders

Patrick Hiller, Chief Executive Officer