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  • We have relocated several hundred engineers with their families since our start in 1999. Please contact us and we will connect you with someone that already made the journey here.
  • We will find your first home in Sweden, based on your input of requirement. In addition we will provide expat service and assist you with settling in in Sweden.
  • An employment in Telescope is a permanent contract. If an assignment ends, we have more than 20 persons around the world that will work full time to find the next assignment for you in Sweden. Our ambition is that you should never have to leave Sweden, unless you want to. After four years in Sweden you will have permanent residency.
  • Telescope is a 100% Swedish company. Although we have staff all over the world working locally around the clock to secure the best engineers possible, our legal entity is Swedish. We adhere to Swedish standards in all aspects of your relocation and employment in Telescope. Your employment contract and conditions will be reviewed both by the Swedish Migration Board and the Union of Engineers. Telescope play by the rules. We are certified by the Swedish Migration Board and we will handle the entire work permit process for you and your family.
  • We will never ask you for money, during any part of the process. We pay for it all, always.
  • Please visit us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to see more about life in Sweden.

Our Employment Process

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What People Say

Featured Articles
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen
"I had my first assignment in Sweden two years ago, Jun 2019. Moving the whole family including two small kids, 6 months and 1.5 years old, from Vietnam was really a big challenge. But thanks to Telescope, they helped me to handle it very smoothly. In Sweden I have the chance to work with interesting projects but still have more time for family. I am glad to experience my second life here."
Orlando Pereira
Orlando Pereira
"Telescope had central role in becoming possible the dream of professional and social life experience in Sweden. Through Telescope I work at one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world. All Telescope team conducted the entire moving process to Sweden with agility and safety, from work visa to dwelling. I live in Sweden since March 2018 and I can say that I am very glad with the job, with life style and with quality of life that the country offers."
Reza and Tahere
Reza and Tahere
"It all happened in less than 2 months from the first interview that we started our work in Sweden. Telescope supported us in all stages from immigration office application, finding accommodations, buying tickets and we arrived here in Sweden finally! This is the story of us, a couple who had worked for ten years as electrical engineers in Iran's oil and gas industry and were always thinking of working internationally. With the help of Telescope, it happened much easier and now we are working in European Spallation Source (ESS), one of the world's cutting edge projects."
Bruno Viecelli
Bruno Viecelli
"I came from Brazil with my wife and our little dog and the culture difference was something we had to learn. We were not sure for most things but we feel a family spirit over Telescope crew. We got help not only with practical stuff with work permit, house and basic bank account setup but also for small things like having a good time fishing on a sunny day. Sweden is a beautiful country where you can have a good life quality and we are still learning a lot here which is the point of the challenge!"
Artem Nurgaliev
Artem Nurgaliev
""Telescope proposed me a work that ideally suits me in December 2016 and my First working day was on January 30 next year. Thanks to Telescope all the official part went was transparent and didn't take much time. It was quite an easy transfer. Special thanks to the very helpful and careful HR who leading my way through and staying in touch. Now I'm the part of Telescopes family and sincere glad of this fact."



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Patrick Hiller, Chief Executive Officer