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Electrical Design Engineer in TSS

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Jerome Solis, who has recently joined Telescope to support our client ESS in Lund.

Jerome is from the Philippines, which is renowned for its natural wonders and white sand beaches. It is a place where nature thrives and where his deep appreciation for the environment was cultivated. Now, in his new home in Lund, he has found the perfect balance between work and nature.

For Jerome, the proximity of a lush forest behind his new home is a dream come true. In his free time, he often finds himself observing the graceful horses at the nearby horseback riding school. With his family set to join him in September, he eagerly looks forward to sharing these magical experiences with his child, even introducing it to the joys of horseback riding.

Recently, he had the opportunity to visit a nearby ski resort with his Telescope colleagues. This unique encounter further strengthened his appreciation for the diverse and captivating experiences that Sweden has in store.

Of course, his excitement does not end with his personal life. He is thrilled to be a part of the remarkable team at the European Spallation Source (ESS), an awe-inspiring research facility. ESS provides him with an extraordinary opportunity to expand his knowledge and expertise, propelling his career to new heights. The prospect of continuous learning and professional growth fuels his passion, and he is eager to contribute to the groundbreaking research conducted there.

Telescope is committed to supporting Jerome every step of the way, ensuring his success and growth as he embarks on this exciting new chapter!

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