Employee relocation

what we do

We have long experience from recruiting engineers and specialists globally. When You join us from abroad we have an established process for the entire transfer to Sweden. We aid and guide our employees in the relocation process to Sweden, all the way from handling Your work permit application to “where to catch the bus” as one of our employees put it. All will be arranged for You, so that You can focus 100% on Your new job and getting to know Sweden.

what we handle for the employees

  • Work permit application, including the application fees, for You and Your family
  • Transfer to Sweden
  • Help with finding housing; You will have a place to stay when you arrive to Sweden
  • Expat service, once arrived in Sweden

Telescope is a friendly “family” where we help each other and make sure we can deliver optimal value.

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Did you know that Sweden…

is well-known for prioritizing quality of life in its labor laws, with very generous parental leave and the right to work part-time and receive compensation when taking care of sick children. High-quality and publicly subsidized childcare is available to all children, and at the age of seven all children are required to start attending school. Education is free for anyone working and living in Sweden, all the way up to and including university studies, and all students receive financial support from age 16 until the end of university studies.

And that…

one of the best aspects of living in Sweden is the inexpensive and high quality public healthcare system, which gives everyone who lives or works in Sweden equal access to heavily subsidized healthcare that is basically free after the first doctor’s visit. The system is taxpayer-funded and largely decentralized.


Competence beyond borders

Patrick Hiller, Chief Executive Officer