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New Consultant Manager

It’s a great pleasure to welcome our new Consultant Manager, Bruno Odri, to our ever-growing Telescope family. Bruno has a master’s degree in traffic and transport engineering and an extensive experience as a manager and team leader in various Swedish companies.

His job at Telescope is to ensure that our consultants are on the right path when it comes to both their career and social development in Sweden. His main mission is to help them achieve professional fulfillment and happiness in the workplace.

What he enjoys most about his job is the social aspect, which is recognizing individuals’ needs through communication and helping them solve problems in the most efficient way. This requires the skill of empathic understanding – putting aside one’s personal opinion and adopting another person’s point of view.

Bruno originally comes from Croatia, which he left in 2014 in search of better work opportunities. He now enjoys living in Sweden because of the social security, a balanced lifestyle, and openness and tolerance of the Swedish people. Sweden offers you the freedom to be yourself!

In his free time, Bruno likes repairing and restoring old motorcycles. He also enjoys ice bathing, hiking, and studying philosophy.

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