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New Engineer in TSS

We are excited to introduce Branford, a talented Software, Data, and DevOps Engineer from Liberia, who has recently joined Telescope and is now working on an innovative project with Volvo Cars in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Branford brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles and is eager to apply his skills in a new vibrant environment. Liberia, Africa’s first and oldest modern republic, is proud to see its talented individuals like Branford making their mark globally. Branford’s motivation for moving was driven by the opportunity to relocate to Europe and work on projects with legendary, innovative companies like Volvo.

Gothenburg, his new home, is a vibrant city known for its beautiful scenery and friendly people. Branford has been enjoying the city’s charm and is especially thrilled to have arrived during the warm summer season. He looks forward to exploring more of Sweden, including Stockholm, and Lund, and visiting other Scandinavian countries.

At Volvo Cars, Branford is part of the MarvisPrime team, where he works on setting up, troubleshooting, and fixing issues related to CI/CD pipelines. He is particularly involved in aligning Volvo Car’s CI pipeline with the Golden Path, a set of tools and practices designed to enhance software development processes. His transition from working in healthcare to the automobile industry has been smooth, thanks to the supportive and open-minded team at Volvo Cars. Colleagues are always willing to exchange knowledge and explain new concepts, which has greatly helped Branford adapt to his new role.

Branford notes that Telescope does not treat him just as another engineer who has signed a contract and has been brought in to do some work; they treat him as a friend and family member. Whenever he has an issue, even if it’s not work-related, Telescope is happy to help and make him as comfortable as possible. Telescope has an integration program that supports engineers and their spouses. For instance, they have volunteered to help Branford’s wife find her footing in Sweden, introducing her to other spouses of engineers and helping her integrate into the community.

As a sporty guy, Branford is looking forward to making the most of Telescope’s sports contribution program, which includes a gym membership. Sweden’s culture of outdoor activities and sports will offer him plenty of opportunities to stay active and enjoy his time here.

Branford’s journey with Telescope and Volvo Cars is just beginning, and we are confident that he will continue to thrive and make significant contributions to his team. Welcome to Sweden, Branford!

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