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Telescope New Year party

2016 brought us a lot of new consultants and star candidates, as well as a lot of new team members. And although Telescope has offices on different continents, we stay connected and enjoy every opportunity to hang out together. This is one of the most favorite features in our Telescope family – to be friendly, close, creative, helpful and always to stay in touch. Telescope is finishing 2016 on a high note, so Kiev and Nairobi offices fairly treated themselves with a small bash to celebrate the upcoming New Year.

The Kiev office attended a fancy restaurant for a well deserved New Year dinner. It was an amazing evening filled with funny moments, tasty dishes and homely atmosphere.

The “Nairobi girls” met for a late dinner in the afternoon sun, to share some quality time and laughter together.

Telescope sends a sincere 2017 greeting to all our colleagues, customers candidates and partners around the world! May 2017 be the best year ever and may we all find joy in sharing development, passion and growth.

Happy New year!

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