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Test Engineer for ESS

Software engineers from throughout the world appear to enjoy working in Sweden to meet the sophisticated IT needs of some of the country’s largest, most innovative companies. And Swedish companies appreciate the talents and skills of international software engineers, which is the major reason that the Telescope Services AB international family of IT professionals continues to grow. The latest addition to Telescope’s burgeoning family, who comes to Sweden from Brazil, is Rafael Silveira, who recently began an assignment at ESS as a Test Engineer.

Rafael is an Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in EPLAN Electric P8, AutoCAD 2D and 3D, SketchUp 3D and Photoshop. His expertise includes the development, and design of electrical equipment, including industrial machinery and panels, as well as project management. Previously, Rafael worked as an Electrical Project Engineer at Brastec S.A. (Brazil), where he was responsible for the development and design of various components of electrical projects. He has mastered the use of CAE/CAD software, EPLAN Electric P8, and AutoCAD as a result of his experience in those projects.

Rafael’s extensive skill set and knowledge are welcome additions to the diversity of talent within the Telescope family and we extend a warm welcome to him.

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