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Framtidsveckan 2021

In 2021, Sweden is among the top 5 most innovative countries in the world. There is a considerable growth of Tech companies, and a huge shortage of engineers. It is estimated that Sweden needs at least 30,000 new engineers within the next 5 years to maintain its position in the front.

Telescope Services AB is one of the few companies in Sweden focused on recruiting and relocating engineers. We have grown with considerable speed over the past years and are now well over 100 engineers and have opened 5 new offices globally during 2021.

What are the challenges to find and relocate top engineers to Sweden? How can we work together and what can society do to make it easier for companies like Telescope Services AB?

Patrick Hiller, CEO of Telescope Services AB, was invited to a discussion around these subjects. Watch the video here.

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Patrick Hiller, Chief Executive Officer