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Web GUI engineer for Ericsson

“The relocation process for me was smooth and easy thanks to the Telescope Services’ relocation team. They came to Stockholm to support me with the housing and they guided me through the city and its transportations network. What surprised me most was how diverse Stockholm is. You can find people from all around the globe which gives the city a very special spirit and makes so friendly. So you don’t feel yourself expat or foreigner anymore” – says our newcomer, Abdul-hadi Hawari.

Abdul-hadi has recently joined Telescope Services and started on his assignment at Ericsson as a Web GUI engineer.
Abdul-hadi possesses 12+ years of experience in JavaScript, CSS and HTML and 7+ years in GUI Application development. Before joining our team he worked as a Senior Web UI Developer at Sony.

Dear Abdul-hadi, welcome to our team! We are looking forward to many years of successful cooperation with you!

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