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6th Best Non-native English-speaking Country in the World: Sweden
Are you an IT engineer considering an international career move? Let’s explore why Sweden, renowned for its English proficiency, is an excellent choice.
🏆 Top-Ranked in English Proficiency – Sweden is the 6th best non-native English-speaking country in the world, as per the EF English Proficiency Index 2023. With an average proficiency score of 339.0, it’s a place where English is a key to global communication.
🏫 English in Education – The Swedish education system embeds English from an early age, preparing a fluent populace for global interactions. This ensures that as an engineer, you can easily integrate into the professional environment.
📺 Everyday English Usage – In Sweden, English is a part of media and everyday life. This makes daily tasks, like shopping or dining out, as well as making friends, incredibly convenient for English speakers.
🗨️ Widespread English Fluency – With about 86% of the population, especially the youth, proficient in English, you’ll find it easy to collaborate professionally and socially. This linguistic proficiency creates a welcoming atmosphere for international engineers.
💼 English in the Engineering Sector – The engineering sector in Sweden primarily operates in English, offering vast opportunities for English-speaking engineers in various innovative fields.
In Sweden, your proficiency in English not only advances your career but also simplifies daily living and social interactions! It’s a country where language barriers are minimal, making it an ideal destination for English-speaking engineers looking for growth and ease of integration.
Photo credit: Jakub Marian Maps

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