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New Consultant Manager at TSS

We’re happy to introduce our newest member, Swathi Sivakumar, who has joined us as Consultant Manager at Telescope Services. For those of you in Gothenburg, Swathi will be readily available in our office there!

With a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Computer Science titles, Swathi comes with extensive knowledge and experience in recruiting, employee onboarding, and ensuring satisfaction throughout the employee lifecycle. At Telescope, her mission is twofold – ensuring our engineers find joy in their assignments and guiding them toward both professional and social success in Sweden.

Her strongest strength? The exceptional listening skills and empathetic understanding she brings to the table. She commits to giving every engineering consultant 100% of her time and attention, truly embodying the values we hold dear at Telescope.

Originally from the picturesque city of Coimbatore in south India, Swathi made her way to Sweden following her husband’s promising job opportunity. At the heart of their decision to move was the aspiration to provide an ideal environment for their daughter to flourish. As Swathi embraced the Swedish way of life, she admired the supportive environment that allows mothers to balance both career and family. She relishes the peace of mind that comes from knowing her child is well looked after, allowing her to dedicate herself fully to work during the day and reunite with her family afterward.

Outside of work, Swathi has plenty of time to indulge in her leisurely activities – her favorites include cooking traditional southern Indian vegetarian dishes and engaging in fun board games.

To all the engineers out there contemplating a move, Swathi’s story is a testament to the opportunities and quality of life Sweden offers. At Telescope Services, we are here to ensure your transition is as smooth as hers.

Welcome aboard, Swathi! Here’s to new beginnings and the shared journey ahead.

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