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CI/CD Engineer in TSS

Please welcome a new valuable asset of the Telescope team, Anand Kamaraj from India, who is currently working in Lund as a Volvo CI/CD Engineer. 

Anand was attracted to Sweden by its excellent work-life balance and social security system, which provided him and his family with peace of mind. Strong labor unions negotiate excellent working conditions, and all employees have clear rights, making it an ideal place to work.

Lund has proven to be an excellent choice for Anand and his family, as they quickly adopted and integrated into Swedish society. His six-year-old daughter attends an English-speaking school and has already made many new friends. Having previously lived and worked in Germany, Anand has found that Sweden’s English proficiency is exceptional. Communication and running errands are a breeze due to the fact that Swedes consistently rank as some of the best non-native English speakers in the world.

Anand also loves the work culture in Sweden, where detailed-oriented planning and good communication lead to high morale, a healthy work environment, and quality products. His team at Volvo is particularly well-coordinated, and there are no miscommunications, allowing for seamless collaboration and productivity.

Staying active is key for Anand during his free time. You can catch him out walking or running, and he’s even planning on purchasing a bike soon. With plenty of safe cycling infrastructure, Sweden is truly a cyclist’s heaven! When he’s indoors, he loves nothing more than playing FIFA on his PlayStation.

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