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Electrical designer in TSS

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Charles Webber, an electrical design engineer from South Africa, who is supporting our client, ESS from Lund. In his team, he’s surrounded by local people from Sweden and people from Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany, and Croatia. So, what better place than ESS to broaden one’s knowledge by learning from so many people from all over the world in one place?

Charles has always been fascinated with design engineering. As a child, he would get in trouble for taking mechanical and electronic items apart to try to understand how they worked. It has been inspiring for him to witness how much attention Swedish engineers dedicate to the detailed design of things used in everyday life.

His career goal is to contribute to a future where we are more aware of designing products in a sustainable manner and thus escaping excessive consumerism. Not only do products need to be environmentally friendly, but also their production process.

Charles is situated in Lund where he appreciates the peacefulness and slow pace of the lifestyle. He has fallen in love with it and can’t see himself moving anytime soon! Some of his indoor hobbies include watching a sitcom The Office, featuring Steve Carell, with his wife and eating homemade comfort foods on the weekends. His outdoor hobbies include botany, taking his three dogs for a walk, trail running, high-intensity training, exploring nature, and just having a fun time with his best friend, his wife. The couple is excited to have their dogs join them in Sweden soon!

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