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New BSW developer

We’re pleased to announce that Oai Doan from Vietnam has joined the Telescope team as a BSW developer for our client in Gothenburg, Volvo.

Oai and his family arrived in Gothenburg a month ago, and they are already experiencing all the benefits of living in one of the most open societies in the world. The first positive shock was seeing a gender-neutral toilet at the airport — it sends a clear message of inclusiveness and equality!

Oai noticed that diversity is ever-present in all aspects of Swedish society, especially in the workplace. Besides his colleagues at Volvo, he has already met a lot of talented engineers from all over the world during Telescope’s social gatherings. Working for Telescope is like being a part of a big, supportive family!

He is excited about the future because working in one of the most technologically innovative countries will allow him to utilize his knowledge of software and hardware to create new technologies and find ways to improve existing ones.

Oai’s family likes taking long walks every day to explore the city and surrounding nature. They plan to travel all around Sweden and the rest of the EU soon and enjoy exploring the rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions.

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