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Project Engineer in TSS

We are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Peleira Zulu, who recently joined Telescope as a SCADA/EMS Project Engineer for our client, Hitachi Energy, in the vibrant city of Västerås, Sweden.

Peleira brings with him a wealth of experience from Lusaka, Zambia, where he worked as a SCADA Engineer. He has also worked as a specialized lecturer in South Africa, training master’s and bachelor-level engineering students in computer, electrical, and electronic engineering. As an experienced and published researcher, Peleira has made significant contributions to the field of human language technology. During his tenure at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Pretoria, he developed speech technology applications that have had a positive impact on various industries.

According to Peleira, one of the things that captivated him about his new home, Västerås, is the seamless functionality and order that seems to permeate every aspect of life. From punctual public transport services to well-organized trains and buses, everything just works. The city’s impressive infrastructure, coupled with its picturesque waterways, has left a lasting impression on him.

Speaking of the people, Peleira has been amazed by the genuine warmth and friendliness of the Swedes. Everywhere he goes, whether it’s shopping or simply exploring the city, he is met with warm greetings and a willingness to lend a helping hand. He believes that building new friendships will be a breeze in Västerås, thanks to the amiable nature of the locals.

While Peleira eagerly awaits the arrival of his wife and three daughters in December, he is immensely grateful to the Telescope team for their exceptional support throughout the relocation process. From the very first interview with our recruiter to the subsequent steps leading up to his employment and settling into Sweden, he was impressed by our responsiveness and efficiency. Our commitment to making the transition as smooth as possible has made a significant impact on his overall experience.

When asked why he chose Sweden as his new home, Peleira emphasized the country’s reputation as a relaxing and welcoming place. He had read extensively about Sweden’s exceptional work-life balance and its reputation as an ideal destination for professionals seeking rewarding careers. Although he had applied to work in various countries, receiving an offer from Sweden filled him with joy and excitement.

In his leisure time, Peleira indulges in his passion for movies by frequenting local cinemas, where he enjoys crime thrillers, sci-fi, and dramas. He also looks forward to attending ice hockey matches as the sport fascinates him, and hopes to make it a regular part of his routine.

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