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Recruitment from the Nairobi HackerX event

Telescope Services AB is committed to continually scouring the world for highly-skilled IT professionals willing to undertake challenging assignments in Sweden. To achieve this goal, the company maintains a staff of global recruiters located in several countries in key regions throughout the world, including Nairobi, Kenya. On June 11, our Nairobi recruiters attended the world’s largest invitation-only networking and recruiting event, known as “HackerX” (https://hackerx.org/).

The event provided our company with excellent opportunities to network with IT professionals from all over the world, particularly from the African Continent, and thus created additional means for Telescope to attract top talent by meeting a large group of professional developers. Telescope’s participation in this major event has allowed us to join one of the largest developer communities on the planet. Our Kenyan team ultimately met with approximately 145 software developers and had the chance to discuss with them potential careers available, through Telescope, in Sweden. Individual team members also took the opportunity to discuss the benefits associated with working in our home country.

Thanks to all HackerX members, who shared their time and interest with us. We hope to see some of you soon in Sweden.

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