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Sweden Beaches
You may have heard of Sweden as the land of the Northern Lights and biting cold. But let’s unveil another charming side of this Scandinavian beauty: its delightful summers and stunning swimming spots!

📍Visby, Gotland: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Visby isn’t just about fascinating medieval architecture. The sandy beaches and crystalline waters in and around the city make it a perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming.

📍Tropical Beach, Helsingborg: This urban oasis, situated right in the city center, offers a slice of tropical paradise in Sweden. With white sands, palm trees, and azure waters, it’s a beach lover’s dream come true right within the city.  Nearby restaurants and ice cream vendors ensure you’re never too far from refreshments.

📍Varamon Beach, Motala: Known as the “Riviera of Östergötland,” Varamon Beach is home to a kilometer-long stretch of fine sandy beach and a bustling atmosphere with beach volleyball, windsurfing, and picnicking families. It’s a summer haven not to be missed!

📍Åhus Beach, Åhus: Located in the picturesque town of Åhus in the Skåne region, famous for being the birthplace of Absolut Vodka, and you can even visit the Absolut Vodka Museum nearby to learn about the history of this iconic Swedish brand. After enjoying a swim in the refreshing waters, you can indulge in some delicious ice cream from Otto, a renowned local ice cream parlor.

📍Skanör Beach, Skanör: Skanör is famous for its camping facilities, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beautiful natural surroundings. Many people own summer houses there, creating a charming and lively atmosphere during the summer months. The beach is surrounded by nature reserves, providing ample opportunities for scenic walks, birdwatching, and exploring the local flora and fauna.

📍Tylösand, Halmstad: Frequented by both locals and tourists, Tylösand is renowned for its long sandy beach and dunes. The area is packed with activities, from surfing and golf to art exhibitions and music events. And let’s not forget the sublime sunsets!

📍Ribersborg Beach, Malmö: Ribersborg, with its shallow water and beautiful skyline, is an urban gem. A bonus here is Kallbadhuset, an open-air bath dating back to 1898 – offering a sauna with a sea view!

📍Pite Havsbad, Piteå: Popularly known as “The Riviera of Norrland,” Pite Havsbad offers the warmest water in the country, plenty of sunshine, and a beach stretching over a staggering 13 kilometers. It’s a literal playground for water sports, sandcastle building, and outdoor games.

📍Sandhammaren, Österlen: won several prizes for being the best beach in Scandinavia.

Working in Sweden isn’t just about joining one of the most progressive IT landscapes. At Telescope, we believe it’s also about embracing a unique lifestyle, one where the balance of work, relaxation, and exploration takes center stage. So, come soak up the Swedish sun, dive into the refreshing waters, and become a part of our family. Your perfect work-life balance awaits here in the heart of Scandinavia! 🏊‍♀️🏄‍♂️⛱️

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Credits: Tina Axelsson/imagebank.sweden.se

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