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EPICS integrator for ESS

We want to wish a warm welcome to Carlos Doro Neto, who is currently working for ESS in Lund. Carlos is our 4th EPICS control system integrator, which is not a small number considering that there is only a handful of them in the world!

As a child, he had a million questions for his parents and wanted to know how all things worked. And now, his job allows him to discover answers to all his questions, to continually learn and share precious knowledge with colleagues.  

Carlos had spent most of his life in Brazil, so his desire was to experience living in another country, explore a new culture and gain valuable professional experiences.

He thinks that Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries – wherever you live here, you will never be too far from nature. He was really excited to see snow for the first time! He was convinced that the weather would be much colder, but he was surprised to discover that the climate was temperate and the temperature was not that extreme at all.

Also, he likes that Sweden is a very organized country. For example, public transport is very efficient, and therefore, he’s not dependent on a car. 

His hobbies include guitar playing and singing, he likes listening to old-school rock and metal bands, such as AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Fixing up cars is one of his favorite pastimes. He and his wife are looking forward to traveling all over Europe!

Welcome to Sweden, Carlos!

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