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New Administrator in TSS

We proudly introduce Telescope’s newest member, Giselle de Moraes Sabino, an administrator for our esteemed client ESS. Giselle, a Brazilian native, and her husband Carlos recently relocated to Sweden to join our team, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them!

Giselle had dreamed of living in Europe since her first visit in 2000. Now, she and Carlos are living in a beautifully renovated farmhouse in Lund, surrounded by nature’s breathtaking views. They wake up every morning to the sound of birds singing, and when the mood strikes, they can make a quick trip to Malmo to enjoy big city life, which is only a few kilometers away.

Adding to their excitement is the fact that they’ve already found a thriving Brazilian community within Telescope. Another Telescoper has also recently moved into a living unit in the same farmhouse. They’re both thrilled to make new friends and share experiences with like-minded people.

Giselle is impressed by the Swedish work ethic, where meticulous planning and well-preparedness are the norms. Swedes are always anticipating challenges, as well as successful solutions. She’s excited to see many female engineers around, and it’s no surprise since Sweden has a reputation for being one of the world’s most gender-equal societies, especially in the IT industry.

When not working, Giselle likes to cook, and she’s currently learning Swedish. To kill two birds with one stone, she purchased a cookbook in Swedish to acquaint herself with the language and cuisine. She’s also delighted to find almost all the groceries she needs in Swedish supermarkets, which helps her fight homesickness for her native cuisine!

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