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New Member in Telescope Relocation Team

We’re excited to present Sugandh Agarwal, the latest gem in our esteemed Telescope relocation team! Originally from India, Sugandh now embraces Sweden with all its beauty and charm, using her extensive experience to assist our engineers in their relocation journey.

Armed with a Master’s degree in HR Management and Personnel Administration, Sugandh enhances our team’s strength with her invaluable insights. Her role as a Relocation Assistant involves ensuring a seamless transition for our engineering consultants moving to Sweden. From visa filings to tax office registration and even guiding on the basics like the type of clothes to wear in chilly Swedish weather – she covers it all!

Sugandh believes the pillars of her role are patience, exceptional listening skills, and clear communication. “Making someone feel at home isn’t just about the logistics, it’s about sharing personal experiences and creating a welcoming environment,” she reflects.

Sweden has won her heart, primarily because of the unparalleled work-life balance it offers. This not only provides professionals with ample time to focus on their work but also ensures they have quality moments to bond with their families. For Sugandh, this balance is vital, especially when both spouses have active careers, allowing them to seamlessly manage their commitments while cherishing family time.

Outside of her professional commitments, Sugandh enjoys participating in indoor sports activities with her family. Moreover, she’s an active member of the local Indian community, participating in vibrant Bollywood dance routines for various festivals.

Her beautiful sentiment sums it up: “Wherever you come from, in Sweden, you will find your community.”

Join us in giving a warm welcome to Sugandh!

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