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Test Engineer in TSS
We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our international family here at Telescope – Jose Orozco Avila!
Coming from the vibrant cultural hub of Guadalajara – a city known not only as the cultural center of Mexico but also as the birthplace of tequila and mariachi music – Jose brings boundless enthusiasm and a passion for innovation. Now settled in the serene and picturesque city of Lund, Sweden, alongside his wife Sandra and their adorable four-legged companion Ivanovich, Jose has found a new chapter of his journey with us.
Lund’s charming tranquility has captured Jose’s heart. The city’s pristine streets and impeccable organization have made him feel right at home. With the allure of nearby Malmö’s stunning waterfront vistas and the rich cultural tapestry of Copenhagen just a bridge away, his surroundings offer a world of exploration.
Jose has found acceptance among his colleagues, all of whom are united by a shared passion for innovation. With teammates from India, Vietnam, Mexico, and Sweden, he feels right at home amidst a diverse community. His role as a Test Engineer on the Volvo project epitomizes the essence of our mission at Telescope. Now, thanks to innovative and cutting-edge companies like Volvo, Jose can utilize the latest technologies.
Beyond his professional achievements, Jose’s passions reveal a thirst for knowledge and exploration. An avid reader, he delves into novels intertwined with historical and societal landscapes, finding inspiration in the works of John Steinbeck, such as Grapes of Wrath. Together with his wife, Jose enjoys walking with their trusty canine companion. Embracing the spirit of discovery, they venture into uncharted territories during their free time.
Let’s extend a warm Telescope welcome to Jose as he continues to thrive and contribute to our vibrant global community!

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