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Old Lund Obeservatory

With Lundˈs long tradition of ground-breaking research, there has been no shortage of intellectuals and forward-thinking minds! The first recorded observatory tower in Sweden was built there in 1672 by an astronomer and mathematician, Anders Spole, the grandfather of Anders Celsius. Spole was one of Lund University’s first professors, and in addition to mathematics and astronomy, his research also covered the subjects of physics and navigation. The old observatory is not functional anymore, but it stands in Stadsparken as a symbol of striving for heights.

Here you can see the artistic impression of the observatory drawn by our talented consultant Adem Gul from Turkey. Adem has been interested in art since childhood, as he grew up in an artistic family. Since moving to Sweden, he has encountered many inspiring sights. Whenever time allows, he tries to interpret charming Lund scenes using colored pencils and acrylic.

According to Adem, every season in Lund is so different and awe-inspiring. With its historical background and natural beauty, Lund is a city that adds color and positive energy to human life. The lifestyle in Sweden also allows him to enjoy these impressive views often and dedicate more time to his hobby.

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