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We are excited to have Kaveh Nematipour onboard as a senior embedded developer in Telescope working for our client Volvo in Gothenburg.

He was born in Iran but has lived and worked all over Europe. But nowhere did he witness this many people speaking such good English as in Sweden, which makes adjusting to living in a new country so much easier!

Another thing he likes about Sweden is the people’s temperament – everyone is kind, friendly, and accommodating. The Gothenburg community is really diverse – it’s a city built on inclusion. Kaveh likes striking up conversations with random strangers in pubs and learning more about their countries and cultures. One such encounter has led Kaveh to perform stand-up comedy. He went out for a drink at a local pub and noticed a stand-up stage. Upon talking to the owner, he decided to give it a try. The audience loved it, and the rest is history! He now performs there regularly.

Besides bustling social life, Kaveh is pleased with the Swedish work culture. He confessed feeling the least stressed he had ever been in his career. Swedish workplaces are relatively flat, with few management levels. As a result, the team flow is exceptional – everyone is really good at what they do and thus easy to work with.

Besides stand-up comedy, Kaveh does a lot of reading in his free time. Currently, he is reading The Almost Nearly Perfect People by Michael Booth,  a funny and informative travelogue about the Scandinavian countries. He also likes to play the guitar and write in different genres, from fiction to commentary articles.

Kaveh recommends embarking on a Telescope adventure to every engineer. He praises Telescope for being professional and showing interest in his personal and career growth.

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