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Senior Dynamics 365 Developer for Stratiteq

We wish a warm and hearty welcome to Soner Taskin from Turkey, our Senior Dynamics 365 Developer who has recently joined Telescope to support our customer, Stratiteq in Malmö.

His interest in technology was sparked by video games. However, he chose to study marketing and business administration. Soon he realized that software engineering was his true calling. He is self-taught, which means he has invested a lot of time and patience in self-improvement and the enhancement of his knowledge.

Soner previously worked for Ericsson in Turkey, where he heard a lot of good things about Sweden from his colleagues. High-quality healthcare and education, as well as the opportunity to travel around Scandinavia, were just some of the reasons for moving to Sweden.

He was pleasantly surprised by the Swedish work culture. His workplace looks and feels more like a home with its break rooms and a big cozy kitchen!

He spends his leisure time outdoors with his family as Malmö has a lot of playgrounds and beautiful places for long walks. He also enjoys cycling as Sweden is a bike-friendly country with a well-developed network of bike lanes. 

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